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Beyond Demographics: Unique Psychographic Audiences that Illuminate the American Electorate

CinqDI offers more than 25 core issue audiences and psychographic audience personas that provide unique, proprietary segmentation of the American electorate. These are modeled from a sample of 2 million voters, first-party contextual data and polling research. Audiences are updated systematically, and new ones added, based on industry trends and current events.

CinqDI’s Single-Issue Audiences provide insight into whether a voter is likely to support a specific issue or agree with a particular sentiment.

  • Motivated to vote pro-choice

  • Motivated to vote pro-life

  • Motivated to vote pro-gun control

  • Pragmatic Conservatives

  • Crime-Conscious Citizens

  • Natural Gas Proponents

  • Natural Gas – Most Reliable

  • Solar Farm Proponents

  • Solar – Most Reliable

  • Offshore Wind Proponents

  • Electric Vehicle Likely to Purchase

  • Activists

  • Motivated Donors

  • Corporate Free Speech Advocates

  • Corporate Spokesperson Allies

These single-issue audiences are only a sample. Custom audiences can be built to best fit your campaign objectives. Contact us to explore audiences most relevant to you. 

CinqDI’s Multi-Issue Personas provide a unique opportunity to reach unexpected cohorts of voters based on attitudes and behaviors compared to purely demographic segmentations. Below is a snapshot of CinqDI’s Role of Government Personas, where every voter is categorized into 1 of 10 mutually exclusive segments.

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